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Resources and Online Learning

The Etz Hayim—"Tree of Life" Resource and E-learning facility provides opportunities for the study of Judaism and biblical texts using resources and insights gained from Jewish tradition and exegesis, and modern Jewish and Christian scholarship.

Etz Hayim—"Tree of Life" offers online learning modules and downloadable informational materials that facilitate studies in scripture and Hebrew language, and promote Christian understandings of Judaism and Jewish spiiruality. Materials are informed by Jewish exegesis and scholarship, and the work of Christian scholars and groups committed to Jewish-Christian biblical studies, interfaith relations, and dialogue.

Etz Hayim—"Tree of Life" invites the re-use of these materials which are designed to enrich and inform teaching and learning for those in ministries, in educational leadership, and teaching, in dioceses, universities, and school settings.

Materials include:
The Jewish Festivals (study sheets and parish newsletter inserts) [LINK]
Glossaries of Jewish Words and Terms for Christians, and Christian Words and Terms for Jews [LINK]
Information and links to Online Resources [LINK]
A recommended Bibliography [LINK]
Information about Study Opportunities in Jerusalem [LINK]
An Introduction to Hebrew Language [LINK]
Information about Jewish Commentators and Scholars of the Bible, Talmud, Midrash and Theology [LINK]

All materials can be accessed via the Resources menu at the top of every web page.

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Resources for Christian-Jewish relations and dialogue, and a joint biblical, spiritual
and liturgical self-consciousness and cooperation.


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