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Yitzḥak Iziik
Hebrew Name(s): יצחק אייזיק מפאלצק
Other Names: Yitzḥak Iziik of Polotzk
Period: Acharonim — 18th Century
Location: Polotzk, Lithuania
Dates: 18th Century

Yitzḥak Iziik of Polotzk wrote a commentary on the Tikkunei Zohar called Beer Yitzḥak.

Sefer Be’er Yitzḥak

Sefer Be’er Yitzḥak is a commentary on the Tikkunei Zohar published as Tikkunei Zohar im Perush Beer Yitzḥak in 1777.
Tikkunei Zohar (or Tikkunim) is a work containing seventy discourses by Shimon ben Yochai on the first word of the Torah, "Bereshit".


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