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Ḥanina bar Pappa
Hebrew Name(s): חנינה בר פפא
Other Names: Ḥanina, Ḥananiah, Ḥinena, Hanina ben Pappa
Period: Amoraim — 4th Century
Location: Palestine
Dates: c. 270–330

Ḥanina bar Pappa was a 3rd-4th Century Palestinian Amora, halakhist and haggadist. His name is variously written, Ḥanina, Hananiah, and Ḥinena. He was a younger contemporary of Samuel b. Naḥman and Simon b. Pazzi, with whom he discussed exegetics, and is cited frequently in the Talmud and Midrash. Legend has also associated his name with supernatural incidents.
Ḥanina bar Pappa was associated with Abbahu and Isaac Nappaḥa on the judiciary.
He was reputed to be very kind and charitable, distributing gifts of charity at night so the recipients were not exposed to shame.


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