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for 2016-2017/5777-5778

This 16 month Liturgical Calendar begins September 2016 through to December 2017 and covers the Jewish Liturgical Year 5777-5778 and the Christian Liturgical Cycle Advent 2016-Advent 2017.

The Jewish and Christian Liturgical CalendarNow available - OPEN or DOWNLOAD HERE as an A4 PDF.
[Right click and "save as" to your desktop.]
Use this LINK for a US LETTER page format download.


Calendário Litúrgico Judaico Cristão

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no link, escolha a opção "Salvar como"
e salve o calendário para na área de trabalho.]

Download the Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar, Association of Hebrew Catholics version

Also available for download
the Association of Hebrew Catholics Calendar
in A4 page format | US Letter page format



The Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar is a 16 month wall calendar (210 x 420 mm) for Christians and Jews, providing a ready-at-hand, easily accessible, weekly guide to the scripture readings for each week. The Calendar is provided free. You are welcome to use it and print it for personal and non-commercial use.

Download The Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar

calendar features

  • 16 months of liturgical readings from September 2016 to December 2017

  • Complete Liturgical Readings
    for Sabbaths and Sundays through both the Jewish and Christian liturgical years

  • Festivals, Feasts and Holy Days
    for both Christians and Jews

  • 'Easy to Read' typeface.

  • Facilitates jointly planned
    activities for Christians and Jews.

  • Raises Interfaith awareness
    and sensitivity.

  • Also includes Muslim Holidays and major secular events laid out in monthly grid format.


The calendar provides the readings citations for masses for Sundays (according to the Ordo Lectionum Missae), and for the Torah Portion of the Week (The Parashat Hashavuah*) as it is followed each week in synagogue liturgies around the world.

Additional support for citations for congregations that follow the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) is provided on our web site [LINK].

"To improve Jewish-Christian relations, it is important to take cognizance of those common elements
of the liturgical life (formulas, feasts, rites, etc.) in which the Bible holds an essential place."

–Guidelines and Suggestions for Implementing the Conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate, No. 4, 1975


Sample monthly spread...

Calendar sample page: April 2017

the jewish and christian liturgical calendar is endorsed by...

ICCJ logo

The Isaac Jacob Institute for Religious Law

Bat Kol Institute logo and link
"Christians studying the Bible within its Jewish milieu, using Jewish sources."


Light of Torah logo and link
"Scripture tools for everyday life."


NO MORE SEARCHING through complicated tables and lists...
The Jewish and Christian Liturgical Calendar provides fast access to liturgical readings and denominational events and celebrations..
Also included are major Moslem celebrations, UN nominated special days and some national celebrations.

INTERFAITH CONSCIOUSNESS... Two traditions sharing one calendar—a visual witness to the development in interreligious and spiritual growth that is the product of the endeavors of the past sixty years of Jewish–Christian dialogue, and biblical and theological studies.

*A Glossary of Christian Terms for Jews and Jewish Terms for Christians can be found under the Resources menu at the top of this page. [Direct Link].

Etz Hayim—"Tree of Life" Publishing, produces resources for Christians and Jews that facilitate Christian-Jewish relations and dialogue, biblical and theological studies, and a joint biblical, spiritual and liturgical self-consciousness, cooperation and enrichment.

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